Forged by Nicolas Premier in 2001, the AFRICA IS THE FUTURE slogan originated from his first stay in Congo, from where he witnessed both the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the invisibilization of the ongoing civil war in the south of Brazzaville.

Since 2004, the T-shirts are envisioned as practical tools and they become the pivotal pieces of the art intervention led by Nicolas Premier and Patrick Ayamam who hack the brand's aura and status to dismantle Western centric narratives in public space.

The T-shirts make viral the circulation of the slogan with no limit nor control. Through individual and collective performances, they convey its multi-layered meanings and provoke crucial critical thinking around Africa, the future and their relationship.

AFRICA IS THE FUTURE, a ritual film in which Nicolas Premier navigates the visual economies assigned to the African societies and diasporas, as a form of reappropriation of the Imaginary, myths and narratives, genuine matrixes of futures.

AFRICA IS THE FUTURE is broadcasted at each moonless night on